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About us

No site is as handsome as the enchanting Bijloke site. It's in the middle of this green heart of Ghent that you will find STAMcafé.

Brunch bar. Lazy lunch. Coffee chat. Aperitivo. The STAMcafé is a meeting place for everyone. With food and culture as a common thread, you can go there every day - except on Wednesday - for breakfast, lunch or aperitif. You’ll be able to enjoy the local dishes, with a surprising twist. During summer season, you can settle down on our sun-drenched terrace with a cocktail in your hand and a smile on your face.

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Picnic baskets

PICNIC BASKETS FOR TAKEAWAY - by reservation, including groups.

Those who want to enjoy the beautiful weather to the fullest can reserve our generously filled picnic baskets. One picnic basket costs 75 euros and is packed with goodies for two people. You can pick up your basket at STAMcafé for a blissful outdoor culinary feast - for example on the lawn of the Bijloke site, on the green banks along the Coupure or simply in your own garden.

To make the picnic even cozier, you will also receive a blanket. For both basket and blanket, you pay a deposit of 50 euros. Our picnic baskets are available by reservation and takeaway only.

If you are vegan, lactose intolerant or sensitive to gluten, we would like to hear from you 24 hours in advance. That way we can promise you a worry-free picnic. Those who like to add a bottle of wine to their basket can choose between wine, prosecco or champagne.

What is included in each picnic basket?

- 1x blanket
- 1x dip of the day with breadsticks to share
– 1x popcorn to share
- 1x cashew nuts to share
- 1x olives to share
- 1x large Caesar salad to share
– 2 x bagels of the day (meat or veggie)
– 2x brownies
– 2x rice puddings
– 2x apple juices
– 2x still water bottles (25cl)

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Reservations and orders

Resengo handles your reservation at STAMcafé.

Order take-away via Deliveroo, Uber Eats , Take Away of via het volgende gsm-nummer: 0493 40 13 80.

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The STAMcafé and STAM's entrance hall can be booked for your corporate or private events. Send us an email about your wishes and we'll get right to it:


STAMcafé en STAMcafay

Maandag – vrijdag: 9u00 – 18u00

Closed on Wednesdays

Open op feestdagen en tijdens schoolvakanties, behalve op woensdag

Prefer to take away or have it delivered to your home? That is also possible! Home delivery is possible via Deliveroo, Uber Eats or Take Away!

Bijlokesite, Godshuizenlaan 2, 9000 Gent 0493 40 13 80

Molenwalstraat 25 bus A, 9030 Gent
RPR Gent afdeling Gent